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Benches and Stools

Your seating should be chosen with the greatest care. At Fusiontables, our mission is to offer you practical, contemporary furniture that adds a touch of authenticity and modernity to your interior. As a result, the transformable pool table obviously plays a central role, but our modern collection includes our suspended lighting, our minimalist chairs and our premium quality benches and stools that combine purity and informality. Our benches and stools have been designed to disappear under the convertible table during pool games or - and why not? - when it's time for a spot of dancing with your guests. They allow you to free up the space very easily and then reappear when it is time to eat.

Our benches and stools are available in several colours, to match the Fusiontables convertible tables. Our seats are firm and comfortable and have over-stitched seams for a perfect finish. Our benches and stools are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. They are more than just furniture items, as they define the atmosphere of the dining room and give it a distinctly modern feel.

And because conviviality at the table only works with attractive seats, we have carefully created designer stools and benches that enhance your interior. With Fusiontables and its premium seats, you can become your own source of inspiration and create the perfect interior for you.