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Light is charged with symbolism and offers an infinite number of possible atmospheres. From the gentle atmosphere of a romantic dinner to the comforting ambiance of a sleeping child, light can create a unique, personalised world. Fusiontables suspended lights can create two different atmospheres around your convertible table. The Fusion LED system allows you to choose between a subdued, enjoyable atmosphere during mealtimes and a more dynamic atmosphere in games mode, when it illuminates your transformable pool table. Our suspended lights are designed with 14 warm white LED bulbs and have a number of advantages. The lifespan of LED bulbs is longer than that of traditional bulbs, and they use less energy than halogen bulbs. They can be recycled and are an important part of the energy transition.

Our height-adjustable suspensions produce warm (3,500 kv) authentic lighting adapted to the two uses of the transformable pool table: the seven white LED bulbs create a warm atmosphere during a meal with family or friends, while the 14 LED create an atmosphere worthy of the largest American pool halls. And all this with consumption of 42w producing 1050 Lumens of light. Their lightweight, contemporary design adds character to your room and goes perfectly with the pool table, the table and the Fusion dresser as well as with the chairs, benches and stools in our collection, where every element is an aesthetic match to another. Our designers offer the original touch you are looking for in your interior and the LED lights will soon become the focal point of your dining room.