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From the idea to the concept

Saluc, whose headquarters are in Callenelle in Belgium, is the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality pool balls under the top-of-the-range global brand ARAMITH®. Saluc is known around the world for its creativity, flexibility and technical expertise in pool and has a unique quality - it knows how to entertain.


A lot of people who like playing pool often like also modern and contemporary design furniture and decorations. For a long time, however, design addicts who like to play pool games never found the table they were looking for: a pool table with a contemporary sleek design offering nice wooden and lacquered finishes.

In 1997 our design team designed a revolutionary new table concept: a dining table and pool table all in one, featuring a modern sleek design, unlike the classic, heavy looking, wooden tables we usually find at pool table stores. They managed to design a dining/pool table the pool player's partner could live with. The Fusion design billiard table is the result of several months of trends watching, brain storming, technological developments and prototype testing in cooperation with traditional pool table manufacturers.


An entire team of Belgian designers and engineers at Saluc decided to make this dream a reality at an affordable price. Their vision was to design a single design dining/pool table with perfect proportions introducing horizontality, accuracy, elegance and thinness. At the same time, they also introduced several technological innovations to solve some issues that remained: they eliminated the 5th foot under the centre of the table as well as the ball recuperator under the table, they dropped the classical 3 pieces natural stone, did away with the pending pockets and everything that was not ‘modern’ in order to obtain a contemporary and sleek design table. They developed the Easy Lift system to address the playing height/dining height difference issue, opted for clean lines and new materials such as metal, but also warm materials like veneered wood and natural stone, giving the table a stylish and luxurious but also very simple and sober-minded appearance.

When this revolutionary design dining/pool table was first introduced at very best design fairs in the world, many customers wanted to order additional furniture to complete the dining room - the Fusiontables collection was born. Chairs, stools, benches, lighting, sideboards are now part of the Fusiontables range to allow customers to add an entirely new dimension to their dining room.


In a world filled with short-lived products inspired by ever-more fickle trends, consumers are once again demanding to be placed at the centre of things, and they expect their homes to be able to adapt to their way of life. More than ever, the modern user is looking for a strong identity with which they can identify. Fusiontables offers a new vision of what design can be in this modern context.

More than just a pool table that doubles as a dining room table, this unique and distinctive concept is also an organisational solution for numerous pool players and architects. It brings together people from all generations for an enjoyable festive or sporting moment. It is also a unique original and timeless upmarket object that will remain the centrepiece of your home. Designed to entertain, the Fusion table has exactly what is needed to create wonderful and unforgettable moments for you, your family and guests, all in a resolutely contemporary setting.