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Crystal Mirage

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Introducing the FusionTables "Crystal Mirage" range, where innovation meets elegance in the realm of tempered glass top panels. Crafted with precision and designed to elevate any space, these sleek and sophisticated panels redefine the concept of contemporary furniture.

At the heart of the Crystal Mirage collection lies the cutting-edge 8mm safe tempered glass, featuring safe and nice sanded and rounded chamfer, offering a soft touch to the users and setting new standards in durability and aesthetics. The tempered glass not only ensures safety but also boasts remarkable scratch resistance, maintaining its pristine appearance over time. Unfazed by the harsh impact of sunlight, these black or white or any RAL color panels promise longevity, making them an ideal choice to customize an architectural project.



Originally launched in a striking glossy black, the Crystal Mirage range has expanded its horizons to include a spectrum of options. Now available in timeless white or classic black to match the table frames, and with the option of a sanded (matte) or glossy finish, these panels cater to diverse tastes and design preferences. The versatility of the Crystal Mirage collection allows you to curate a space that resonates with your personal style.

While the Crystal Mirage tops may be slightly heavier, they represent the symbol of brilliant elegance within the FusionTables collection. Their luxurious appeal makes them the top choice for those seeking a sophisticated and sleekest touch in their interior design. Whether adorning a modern living space, a corporate office, or a high-end hotel, the Crystal Mirage panels effortlessly blend functionality with aesthetic allure.

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What truly sets the Crystal Mirage range apart is its customization options. These panels can be personalized to suit your unique vision, adding a bespoke touch to your space. Imagine having a table with a printed framework or pattern of your choice – a feature that proves particularly enticing for offices, hotels, and other private projects. This customization not only enhances the visual appeal but also allows you to align your furniture seamlessly with the overall design concept of your space.

In conclusion, the FusionTables "Crystal Mirage" range stands as a brand's commitment to innovation and design excellence. With the safe 8mm tempered glass, variety of finishes, and the option for customization, these panels offer a perfect blend of aspects and functions. Elevate your surroundings with the Crystal Mirage collection – where sophistication meets limitless possibilities.

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