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The New Vintage collection is marked by a unique and easily recognisable style. A perfect mix between reclaimed wood timbers and a post-industrial metal frame. Sober and original, yet reve rent and groundbreaking, the Vintage design dining pool table provides class to any space through its perfect blend of chic and tradition.

Old oak wooden floors have been sourced in rural Spain and recycled into beautiful vintage panels which are then married with old powder blue Iwan Simonis cloth. The result is stunning, inviting you to breathe the air of an old Brooklyn workplace or a typical 80’s English pub without leaving your dining room.


Table dimensions
2.30 m x 1.34 m; height: 0.75 m
90.6” x 52.8” ; height: 29.5”

Playing surface
1.92 m x 0.96 m
75.6” x 37.8”

Optimum dimensions for the dining room*
4.90 m x 3.95 m
192” x 154”
(*) With standard & Pro-Cup Aramith accessory kits.

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