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The current trend is for products inspired by the vintage or industrial movement, which means that the boldest designers are looking for "recovered" or "aged" wood finishes. Fusiontables selected old wooden boards from Spain to achieve this look. With the Vintage finish, your furniture can tell your guests a story. Each Vintage board is unique and different from the others. The veneer is the result of a revolutionary manufacturing process and gives an additional dimension to your modern transformable pool table. With puttied holes, fissure and signature stamp, there is nothing missing from this oak that has crossed the centuries to reach your dining or living room.  You and your guests can consider this as you run your fingers over this finish with its inimitably authentic feel. You could almost be tempted to run a sander over it like on an old piece of solid wood). This exclusive finish is a particularly good match for the new ceramic Rock Reverso.

This finish is available exclusively in the Metal Line collection of our design pool tables.