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Aramith NEW Premium Accessory Kit

This professional brand kit contains four two-part pool cues that can be screwed together with stainless steel connections, two 147 cm cues and two short 122 cm cues for easier playing in small spaces or for children. The cue shaft is made of Canadian Maple, creating extreme sensitivity and precision. 

The set of balls in this kit is of semi-professional quality (Premium Aramith); there are also two different dark-wood triangles, a bridge (brass tip), a bottle of maintenance product and a special cloth for the balls, a wall support for the cues, a complete repair kit, a brush for the playing surface, another brush for the cushions, a leather shaker bottle and a set of wooden tally balls. All these high-quality elements make it the mid-range Aramith kit for regular and demanding pool players playing on our transformable pool table.

Balls and related items
• 1 set of Aramith Premium balls
• 1 bottle of Aramith ball cleaner
• 1 Aramith micro fibre cloth
• 1 wooden triangle
• 1 9-ball rack

Cues and related items
• 2 58” (147 cm) billiard cues
• 2 48” (122 cm) short billiard cues
• 1 two-piece bridge stick to be screwed together
• 1 bridge head
• 1 6-cue rack
• 1 cue repair kit
• 4 Aramith chalks

Other accessories
• 1 table brush
• 1 under rail brush
• 1 leather tally shaker bottle
• 1 set of wooden tally balls
• 1 rule book


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