Today is our day!!!!!

We have appeared yesterday in the homepage of with our project Refuge, here your Fusiontable is installed. If you browse in the link I enclose, you will see that nice pictures of your table appear there. And we have a lot of "likes" :) We have tagged your product in these photos, so the potential interested customers can have a reference where to get the product and eventually contact you.

Rosa V. (Castellon, Spain)
3 years 2 weeks

Our showroom model in Tenero (CH)

Hello I am Jill from Acqualife in Switzerland near Locarno. I am happy to send you a nice picture of our showroom model, full equiped stainless steel Fusiontable +White oak finishing and 6 black Fusion chairs. Feel free to come and visit us soon.

Jill H. Tenero (Switzerland)
3 years 3 months

Best quality and top design

Hello, I am an owner of one of your pool tables. I bought it 3 years ago in a nice design store in Istanbul. Best quality, best design and best multi-purpose table I could ever find.

Mehmet T. Istanbul (Turkey)
3 years 5 months

Élégance et modernité

Lors de la conception de notre nouvel espace lounge pour la Brasserie Héliport du Chateau de Colonster, je recherchais une pièce design originale pouvant symboliser l'élégance mais aussi le modernisme des lieux. Le coté convivial mais épuré du billard table Fusiontables m'a tout de suite séduit. Le bois sombre des finitions et le métal laqué très fin de la table se marient très bien avec l'ambiance de notre salon qui permet à notre clientèle de se détendre après un bon repas.

Frederic S. Liège (Belgium)
3 years 10 months

Our new eye-catcher for our new London's office

Our London based company is an award-winning firm of international consulting engineers specialising in mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering. The company chose a Fusion table as the focal point of their breakout space at their new state of the art offices at Kings Cross Quarter, London, UK. Suiting in with the surrounding contemporary café furniture, the Fusion table provides seating for 12 before transforming to offer the dedicated workforce an opportunity to relax, team build and take time out from a hectic and demanding environment. The table is an excellent addition to the space for staff and visitors alike.

Hoare Lea-Mark O. London (United Kingdom)
3 years 10 months