Product features

The new series of Fusiontables sideboards-buffets offers two styles and two lengths for a piece of furniture conceived in the ‘Fusion’ spirit, which comines the finest purity of lines and Fusion table woodwork, and above all the multipurpose nature of contemporary furniture.


This modular concept consists of a storage unit of high-quality lacquered wood in black or white satin or gloss, equipped with 3 or 4 doors without handles. More than a piece of storage furniture, the Fusion sideboard also enables the surface panel of the Fusion table to be set in a safe place during your games of billiards.


The arrangement of the doors brings an artistic and original touch to your interior. A smoothing and minimalist perspective guides the lines of this buffet through two types of vertically and horizontally opening doors for great ease of use.




  • Flexible concept from 2.20 m to 2.63 m in length.
  • Perfect correspondence of wood veneers between the fusion table and the buffet.
  • The drawers without handles open simply by pressing on them.
  • Pre-assembled storage unit for quick assembly in just 6 steps.

2 different sleek designs : 3 doors or 4 doors models
- 2 lengths (2660 and 2210mm) - (104.7” and 87”)
- A multiple choice of colors (standard : black and white lacquered)
- 4 veneer finishings matching the Fusion table
- Smart and invisible device to hold and protect the Fusion table tops during the game.

- The 4 doors storage unit contains 3 doors and a drawer.